Data Center

Leveraging its military product experience, Winchester Systems data center products are known for their performance and durability. Heavy-duty air filters, chassis and doors ensure long-term, dependable operation. Even in less-than-ideal environments.

FlashDisk FX Series Fibre Channel and iSCSI Storage – Purpose-built for demanding, high-performance workloads. Tunable for high throughput, IOPS or both.

FlashNAS ZFS File Servers – High performance, scalable NAS with end-to-end data-integrity protection.

FlashServer Carrier-Grade Servers – Durable Intel servers performance-balanced for high I/O workloads.

FlashServer HA – Hardware-Mirrored server boards, failure isolation and single-system operation bring extreme levels of safety, simplicity and savings to mission-critical workloads.

FlashServer 2Ux4 – Four Independent Intel Servers in a 2U Enclosure with up to 128 Cores and 24 HDDs/SSDs total. Saves $$$, Space & Power.