FlashDisk Global Manager

FlashDisk Global Manager™ Data Storage Monitoring. Centralized Management Utility for FlashDisk® “VX Series” RAID Disk Arrays with embedded Graphical User Interface. Runs multiple FlashDisk systems from a single web browser session.

FlashDisk Global Manager Datasheet

FlashDisk Global Manager Advantages

  • Embedded GUI for ease of use
  • Intuitive and logical menus
  • Event logging to non-volatile memory
  • Remote access to FlashDisk RAID arrays
  • E-mail notification speeds troubleshooting
  • FlashAlert™ automated “call home” support service to eliminate downtime
  • No host software needed
  • Increase data availability by reducing downtime.
  • Web-based interface for easy set up and configuration
  • Supports all standard network protocols
  • Vivid and intuitive graphics

FlashDisk Global Manager™ provides a centralized management pane for all FlashDisk systems installed and a centralized event notifications. This makes it very easy to manage a large and flexible virtual and tiered storage pool including primary storage, snapshot images and mirror volumes – and features FlashD2D™ – a unique scheduled, zero-downtime disk-to-disk backup. FlashDisk Global Manager, is a Java-based program specifically designed for managing multiple FlashDisk RAID disk arrays – all from a single web browser GUI. FlashDisk Global Manager provides a user-friendly interface that graphically represents disk array elements and simplifies the normally complicated process of array configuration. FlashDisk Global Manager also provides real-time representation of array statuses, thus making the task of monitoring disk arrays virtually effortless. FlashDisk Global Manager complements the on-board console interface found on the RAID controllers and the menu-driven configuration utility that provides the same functionality, but with greater ease of use. FlashDisk Global Manager comes with different utilities, including a portal window, FlashPath Manager, Configuration Manager, Notification Manager, Disk Performance Monitor, and a Storage Manager. The operating statuses of multiple systems are shown in the portal window, and the access to each system is also made via the portal window.

Event Logging & Notification

FlashDisk Global Manager provides an event log with the time and date. Each FlashDisk array can be individually configured to store messages and to alert a network manager or system administrator of a potential problem. If a problem occurs, FlashDisk Global Manager sends an e-mail notification to “e-mail enabled” cell phones, pagers, or PDAs based on specific user-defined criteria to multiple recipients per FlashDisk. For example, one FlashDisk could be configured to e-mail only the technician on call while another e-mails to a list of multiple recipients. This alert notification system eliminates threats to your data availability by allowing the right individuals to react to potential problems immediately.

FlashAlert™ “Call Home” Service

As part of our continuing effort to provide the best customer service, Winchester Systems includes a 24×7 “FlashAlert” data storage monitoring service that is included in the warranty and service contracts at no additional cost that captures the “call home” e-mail alerts. These e-mail alerts automatically open up a job ticket in our call center and set a plan in motion immediately to eliminate costly downtime.


    Virtual Storage Overview

    Physical drives are grouped into logical drives, then volumes which are divided into partitions and then mapped to host ID/LUNs.

    Virtual Storage Pool

    Virtual storage is returned to the storage pool to maximize utilization.

    Snapshot Storage

    Snapshot storage space is reserved on the source volume.

    Snapshot Rollback

    Source volume is restored to 10:00 am status from snapshot image.


      FlashDisk Global Manager Portal Window

      Portal displays five status panels and provides access to all functions.

      Storage Hardware Maintenance

      Visual display of drive status in array plus hardware maintenance menu.

      Configuration Options

      Menu enables control of drives, volumes, channels, LUNs and more…

      Backup Scheduler

      FlashD2D automates disk-to-disk backups.


        Performance Charts

        Real-time performance metrics enables analysis, load balancing and diagnostics.

        Storage Hardware Status

        Visual display of all field replaceable units (FRU) status.

        Volume Copy

        Summary display at conclusion of Volume Copy operation.

        LUN Map

        Visual display of logical volumes and relative sizes.

        LUN Masking

        LUN mapping assigns LUNs to hosts.

        Alert Notification Options

        Notifications distributed widely for maximum visibility.