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FlashDisk AFA: Configurations

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12.6 GB/sec. – 487,000 IOPS – Configure to Application

All Flash Arrays are new and slowly but surely replacing 15K rpm HDDs.  Why?  The cost of SSDs has come down dramatically, making them cost effective for commercial applications.  How do you get started?  Which applications are most suited for use on an All Flash Array?

Here are several ways that and All Flash Array like FlashDisk AFA, can help:

3.2 TB – Entry Level:  A simple FlashDisk AFA configuration with eight (8) 400 GB SSDs provides 3.2 TB raw SSD capacity and gets you started in the All Flash Array world.  It costs little more than a couple of shelves of HDDs and delivers about 100,000 IOPS to speed up your everyday workload.

12.8 TB – Maximum IOPS:  FlashDisk AFA with thirty two (32) 400 GB disks provides 12.8 TB raw SSD capacity and delivers near the maximum of 487,000 IOPS which will run your applications with unprecedented speed.

92 TB – Capacity Optimized:  FlashDisk AFA takes advantage of very large SSDs to create a 92 TB configuration  using twenty four (24) 3.84 TB SSDs in a single 2U enclosure.  You get the reliability and speed of SSDs at low $$$/TB.

If speeding up applications or replacing banks of hard disks is important to you, then FlashDisk AFA is the answer.

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