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Winchester Systems Introduces 8 TB Disks for FlashDisk RAID and FlashNAS ZFS

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Lower Cost per Terabyte for All Applications

Billerica, MA.  July 1, 2015.  Winchester Systems Inc., a leading data storage solutions provider, today announced that its flagship lines of FlashDisk RAID Disk Arrays for SAN data storage and FlashNAS ZFS for Network Attach Storage (NAS) now offer 8 TB disk drives.  The company’s products now supports 4.8 PB (4,800 TB) in a standard 48U data center rack.

With 8 TB disks, the FlashDisk RAID and FlashNAS ZFS are ideal for “big data” applications including file servers, private cloud storage, disaster recovery sites, local disk-to-disk backup, security and surveillance video, PACS medical imaging and archiving, image libraries, media distribution, broadcast, tape and robotics replacement.

The disk arrays provide tiered virtual storage that is easy to configure to meet application needs and are available in five commercial models:

FlashDisk FX-2U12 Series                 2U shelves, 96 TB each, expandable to 1,440 TB

FlashDisk FX-3U16 Series                 3U shelves, 128 TB each, expandable to 1,920 TB

FlashDisk FX-4U60 Series                 4U shelves, 480 TB each, expandable to 2,880 TB

FlashNAS ZX-2U12 Series                  2U shelves, 96 TB each, expandable to 960 TB

FlashNAS ZX-3U16 Series                  3U shelves, 128 TB each, expandable to 2,048 TB

“Across the board, the 8 TB disk drive cuts the cost per TB for every installation making all of these products attractive for large primary data storage and ideal as backup targets” according to Mr. Joe Sanzio, Chief Technology Officer.  “Now with up to 4.8 PB in a single cabinet, the cost of storage is so exceptionally cost-effective it makes ‘big data’ projects economically feasible,” he added.

Prices for FlashDisk RAID disk arrays with 8 TB disks starts at under $12,000.   Products are available now and delivery is 2-3 weeks.

About Winchester Systems Inc.

Winchester Systems provides “Purpose-Built” data storage solutions for commercial and military applications that include servers, networking, storage and software combined with professional integration services.  Storage offerings include FlashDisk RAID Disk Arrays in Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) configurations. These tiered storage solutions offer a wide variety of SAS and SSD disks for Fibre Channel, SAS and iSCSI environments.  FlashServer Intel-based servers include standard and high availability configurations.  For more information visit: