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We offer two ways to get pricing information: Self Service and Full Service. Our self service quote system is a fast way to get general pricing information via email without our sales representatives contacting you. It is provided by EchoQuote, a third party quoting system, so all pricing is for budgetary purposes only. Our full service option connects you with one of our sales representatives, who will assist you in finding the right solution for your needs.


Our self-service quote system will send you general pricing information via email quickly, often in minutes! This tool is useful for planning and budgetary purposes only. You will want to work with a storage specialist when you are ready to request specific pricing and configuration options.

Get a self-service price quote - powered by EchoQuote


Our full-service option will put you in contact with engineers and sales representatives to help determine the best product configurations for your specific application, as well as provide specific product detail.

The more detail you can provide about your application and storage needs, the better we can help.

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  • Products needed, time frame, and any additional information that would help us better understand your needs.
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